감통 感通

지 민 선  개 인 전


Solo Exhibition


감통 感通

지 민 선  개 인 전


Solo Exhibition

2017. 6. 15 (THU) — 6. 21 (WED)

Opening Reception
6. 15 (THU)|
06:00 p.m.

월 요 일|Appointment req.
화, 수, 금, 토|12:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.
목 요 일|12:00 p.m. – 08:00 p.m.

갤러리 케이엔피

547W. 27st #518
New York NY 10001

전 시 풍 경 │ Beyond Exhibition

전 시 기 획

아트스페이스 담다

서울시 마포구 합정동 성지길 32 , 3F
3F 32 Seongji-gil, Hapjung-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

About Linked Views

Art Space DA:MDAA is pleased to present Minsun Ji‟s first solo New York exhibition at K&P Gallery in New York. Minsun Ji, a Minhwa artist, has also curated her own solo exhibition. She turns the entire gallery space into a single piece of art filled with motifs and symbols of blessing, aspiration and wealth by the eyes of the tiger.
Minhwa literally refers to a Korean folk painting based on the aspiration to the blessed life such as longevity, fame, and wealth. The painting is composed of coded topics and objects. The exhibition ‘Linked Views’ focuses on interpreting the symbols ‘blessing’ and ‘aspiration’ by eyes of the tiger, and conveying those meanings to viewers. Minhwa features subjects such as tiger, phoenix, bat, dragon, fish, pomegranate, duck, lotus, crane and so forth. Each of those subjects conveys success, birth, longevity, peace, wealth and achievement, etc. That is why Minhwa is also referred to as a reading picture in a sense that viewers decode meanings of subjects and symbols contained in the paintings. The general theme of the genre would be the ‘blessing’ to people.
The artist has selected a few of the most frequently used symbols: tiger, dragon, bat, fish, and duck throughout the Korean art history. They are selected, adapted, reinterpreted, and newly created in different perspectives from the original. Tiger, especially the main icon of this exhibition, is believed to prevent us from calamities and invite the blessing as a patron saint in Korea. She borrows the tiger’s view as the reinterpreting point, letting the imagination run wild.
The hope of living a blessed life is not only of Korea, but also a desire of all around the world. By depicting and sharing this universal wish through art, the artist believes the viewer and the other viewer, or the viewer and herself can communicate and form a relationship despite the different languages we speak. As you follow the eye of the tiger one by one, the whole gallery space turns into a single piece of art. Minsun Ji wishes that the viewers are immersed in this body of works full of blessing.
Last but not the least; the viewers will also be fascinated realizing the combination of the aesthetics of the folk paintings – neglected three dimensional and atmospheric perspectives – and the contained meanings.


Minsun Ji ‘s State of Mind

심상(心象)을 떠올리며 – 지민선

“I am a Minhwa artist from South Korea. Minhwa , a Korean folk painting , has neither been recognized as an independent art genre nor been highly appreciated in Korea due to the fact that the same and/or similar subjects or motifs were often copied over and over again by many artists. In the beginning, I thought that I also had to copy my paintings in the same way many other artists have done. It was not very challenging for me to paint similar things repeatedly. It didn’t motivate me enough to copy the same objects as my ancestors had done in the past. I came to have an urge to express my thoughts when painting Minhwa by doing it in a little bit different way from others.
I am not good at writing. I have never been trained to be a good writer. I don’t have a great ambition to share with people to be honest. I would rather want to interpret and express things that we are familiar with in my Minhwa paintings, which are full of blessing and aspiration in a modern style with my own viewpoint. I would follow where my brush leads me and where my imagination takes me.”

Superman 2016 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 57×57cm

Longevity and Luck (百壽百福圖) 백수백복도 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 50×60cm

Batman 2016 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 59×56cm

Scholar’s Utensils 장석책가도 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 54×59cm

Wonder Woman 2016 분채, 순지, 먹 48.5×60.5cm

Phoenix 봉황도 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 50×63cm

Fidelity (Chinese character) 문자도 “忠” I 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 45×57cm

Fidelity (Chinese character) 문자도 “忠” II 2018 분채, 순지, 먹 45×57cm

Rise from Obscurity to Fame II(魚變成龍圖) 2012 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 70×70cm

Rise from Obscurity to Fame I (魚變成龍圖) 2012 분채, 순지, 먹 55×55cm

Love(愛) 2018 분채, 순지, 먹 54×59cm

Lotus Flowers (蓮花圖) 연화도 2018 분채, 순지, 먹 58×65cm

Eye of the Tiger 호랑이의 눈 2016 분채, 순지, 먹 30×200cm

Super Heroes | Superman 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 54×45cm

Super Heroes | Batman 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 54×45cm

Super Heroes | Wonder Woman 2018 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 54×45cm

Luck I 행운 I (용문양) 2015 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 40×35cm

Luck II(feat. Phoenix) 행운 II(봉황문양) 2015 분채, 순지, 먹, 동분 40×35cm


지 민 선 / JI MIN SUN

(사) 한국미술협회 회원
(사) 한국민화협회 회원
(사) 한국민화진흥협회 이사
한국민화전업작가회 회원
민화 수상자 모임회 (민수회) 회원
계원예술대학 평생교육원 출강

《민수회 초대작가》, 조선민화박물관

《호랑이의 눈》, 아트스페이스 담다, 서울
《한국민화 조망 200인》, 인사아트프라자, 서울
《한국민화인 축제 한마당 500인》
《민수회 회원》

《파리 아트 쇼핑 2015》, 루브르 현대미술관, 파리
《(사) 한국민화 진흥협회 창립전》, 갤러리 라메르, 서울
《한국민화의 오늘》, 갤러리 미술세계, 서울
《한국 민화 전업 작가회 회원전》, 이형아트센터, 서울

《지산회 민화작가 회원전》, 인천종합예술문화회관, 인천
《소원을 그리다》, 라마다 호텔, 서울

외 다수

제 1회 대한민국민화대전 대상, 한국민화뮤지엄

제 2회 명인미술대전 명인상, 한국미술관

제 38회 대한민국전승공예대전 장려상, (사)한국증요무형문화재기능보존협회

제 17회 전주전통공예대전 금상, 국립전주박물관

제 15회 전국민화공모전 우수상, 조선민화박물관

제 36회 대한민국전승공예대전 장려상, (사)한국중요무형문화재기능보존협회

제 4회 전국민화공모전 우수상, 조선민화박물관
제 29회 예술대제전 작품공모 동상, (사)한국문화예술협회

제 13회 전국민화공모전 최우수상, (사)한국민화협회

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